Elisa Oreglia   Teaching projects

PROJECTS are the applied side of my theoretical researc
h: reports and websites that highlight key findings and practical applications of my (and my colleagues’) research, and collaborations with the industry and with non-profit organizations.

Digital Technologies & Myanmar Intermediaries, Cash Economies, and Technological Change in Myanmar and India
A comparative study of intermediation, mobile phones, and money in Kerala state (India), and Shan state (Myanmar), in collaboration with Janaki Srinivasan of IIIT Bangalore, funded by the Institute for Money, Technology & Financial Inclusion

The Digital Imagination in Myanmar

Together with Rich Ling, Chitra Panchapakesan Kumari, Rajiv George Aricat, and May Oo Lwin, of the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information at Nanyang Technological University, this project explores mobile phone connectivity and changes in a society that is in the midst of a significant transition. My field sites are Mandalay and the hills of Shan State, and the project is funded by NTU and Telenor.

Beyond Markets

An NSF-supported project led by Jenna Burrell on mobile phones in trade and livelihoods in China, Ghana, Uganda & India. Profiles of users, an extensive list on Market Information Systems for agriculture deployed in the Global South, and related publications are available here.
Africa’s Many Chinas

A summer project with Kathi Kitner at Intel, to map and understand the Chinese presence in the African telecommunication sector, from high-level investments to the informal trader networks bringing Chinese mobile phones to African users. Download the final report here.

Sitreps at UN OCHA

Working with Megan Finn and Nick Rabinowitz for the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs to improve information sharing through situation reports during humanitarian emergencies. Download Report I and its Annex, Report II, and the Personas we developed for training.